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Surgery is often the first line of attack in fighting breast cancer. At Surgical Care PC in Lincoln, Nebraska, general surgeon Rick Windle, MD, uses advanced techniques and technologies to perform breast cancer surgery with an emphasis on breast preservation. If you need surgery for treatment or prevention or breast cancer, request an appointment online or call the office today.

Breast Cancer Surgery Q&A

What are the types of breast cancer surgery?

At Surgical Care PC, Dr. Windle performs a variety of procedures to diagnose, treat, and prevent breast cancer, including:


A mastectomy is a surgery to remove the entire breast. Immediately following a mastectomy, you may opt to undergo breast reconstruction surgery from a plastic surgeon of your choice.

A simple mastectomy involves removing the breast tissue, nipple, areola, and skin but not the lymph nodes. A modified radical mastectomy involves removing the entire breast and underarm lymph nodes, leaving the chest muscles intact.

Partial mastectomy

A partial mastectomy, also called lumpectomy, involves removing the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue while preserving as much of the breast as possible. Dr. Windle uses plastic surgical techniques to minimize changes to the breast appearance. 

A partial mastectomy may or may not involve the removal of the lymph nodes. After a partial mastectomy, Dr. Windle may apply a bio-absorbable tissue marker called BioZorbĀ® to easily identify the cancer site for follow-up radiation treatment.

Other procedures

Dr. Windle also performs diagnostic procedures like automatic tissue extraction and collection (ATEC) and sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB).

Why would I need breast cancer surgery?

Breast cancer surgery is a common treatment for most stages of the disease. You may need breast cancer surgery if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Benign breast disease with a high risk of breast cancer
  • Noninvasive breast cancer
  • Early-stage breast cancer
  • Advanced breast cancer
  • Recurrent breast cancer

Dr. Windle evaluates your condition and recommends the best surgical approach for your specific needs.

What should I expect from breast cancer surgery?

At Surgical Care PC, Dr. Windle and his compassionate staff are committed to treating every patient like a VIP. They spend as much time as needed to make sure they answer all of your questions.

Dr. Windle creates an individualized surgical plan based on the type and stage of breast cancer you have.

The details of your breast cancer surgery and recovery vary based on the procedure you need. In general, most women go home the same day as surgery. If you get a mastectomy with breast reconstruction, you should expect to spend the night in the hospital.

For highly personalized care in breast cancer surgery, call Surgical Care PC, or book an appointment online today.